The GTKY 50 Random facts about you Round Flamingo

Deadline to join: 23 March 2009. Deadline to send all: Extended to 31 July 2009

Random Round Flamingo Fifty Facts
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fixing facts or features
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1. I have a white cat. she is 3 years old. Her name is Snowball. I wish she was black because i LOVE black cats.
2. My microwave is probably older than you. It's a hand me down from my mom. I've cooked many christmas dinners with it.

Rules: (Please read CAREFULLY!)
1. Write 50 random INTERESTING facts about yourself! It cannot be less! It has to be numbered!

2. Type out all your random facts and email to relie at bleuieberri [at] yahoo . com

3. Before you mail, take a photo of everything that you made and email to relie.

4. The end product will be posted on the internet and share among the GTKY gang.

4. Each of you will write to a randomly picked person and you’ll not know who you received from. ;p

5. You MUST be creative about your random facts. You can present them in letters, cards, postcards, photos, collage, poem.... Anything! (If possible make it one-sided, so that it’s easier for you to take pictures/scan)

The most important point is INTERESTING and CREATIVE.

Everyone who sees this is allowed to join!

1. Relie
2. Wendy
3. Valerie
4. Laura
5. Ilyani - rec from Charlotte
6. Carol
7. Marta
8. Chrissy - rec from Carol
9. Ula - rec from Marta
10. Charlotte - rec from Katy
11. Kriszti
12. Ana1
13. Ana2
14. Katy - rec from Valerie
15. Essi

Special thanks Carol for coming up with the write up.
Side note: You can send your random facts in batches. Just be sure you send out all of them. I'll not track when you send but I'll track what's received.