Valentine's Day Round Flamingo

Hello Everyone,
The Christmas Round Flamingo has seen some artistic talents. :D
Wendy has demanded a Valentine's day Flamingo.... seriously, I don't like Valentine's day when I don't have a boyfriend! LOL. But but but, thinking on the brighter side, Valentine's day is not just for couples, it's also to celebrate friendships. And isn't it amazing that we all can get to know each other half way round the globe? :)

So, the theme for this Round Flamingo is of course - Valentine's Day. But don't be too restricted by it. You are free to use ANY COLOURS! Not necessary to have a lovey dovey theme. Everything is up to your own interpretation.

Valentine’s Round Flamingo Simple rules:
- Everyone will have to send 1 card to all the members in the group.
- Card MUST be handmade/self-designed something ORIGINAL!
- You can do different design to different person or 1 design for all.
- Cards can be ANY SIZE, ANY SHAPE, ANY COLOUR, folded greeting card or postcard.
- Besides what you wanna say, you MUST write a love or friendship poem/quote.
- All cards should be send out latest by
3 Feb 2008.
- If cards sent are not received by 1 April, please consider resending.
- When you receive cards, please post in the forum or email me.

Some of you may recall I was trying to redecorate my living room. Work is still in progress. You can see from the photo, the wall above my sofa is very bare now and needs something to spice up that space. I was thinking to engage all of you to help me with some art.

I was thinking perhaps we could work on small squares and then I’ll patchwork it into 1 big frame or 3 small frames for my living room. Anyone willing to help me?

I’d like to merge this idea into the Valentines flamingo. If you are willing, you can make extra cards for my wall.

Theme: Warmth, Love (up to your interpretation) 
Colours: Warm colours (google to get an idea) Eg: red, orange, brown, beige, bronze, gold (I love gold) you can add a bit of other odd colours if it matches.
Shape: Square
Size: 9.7cm
Quantity: You can send any amount. Every card is greatly appreciated!

You can send this with the Valentine’s Round Flamingo or later. If possible, please send before 31 March. Thanks.


1) Relie - rec'd 9 waiting for Charlotte, Chrissy
2) Chrissy (vagirl) -rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
3) Wendy (wendzefx) - rec'd 9 waiting for relie, Ana1
4) Ana (ninocas) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
5) Essi  (hadassah) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy

6) Ana (anagahan) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
7) Charlotte (purple_girl) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
8) Carol (adobe) - rec'd ALL

9) Marta (martinha) - rec'd 9 waiting for Wendy, Chrissy
10) Valerie (octabis) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
11) Ula (ulpa) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy
12) Katy (katts1985) - rec'd 10 waiting for Wendy