GTKY Christmas RR

Simple rules:
 - Everyone will have to send 1 card to all the members in the group.
 - Card MUST be handmade/self-designed/Photo, something ORIGINAL! 

 - You can do different design to different person or 1 design for all.
 - Cards can be any size, folded greeting card or postcard (thick paper please!).  
 - Besides what you wanna say, you MUST write an inspirational poem/ quote/sayings. It can be of any topic. Need not be original, there are tons in the internet, so this shouldn't be too difficult.
 - All cards should be send out latest by
15 Dec 2008
 - Let me know when you send or received card in the forum or leave a comment. 

Click here to see some of the cards!

1) Relie - rec'd 9 waiting for Essi
2) Valerie - rec'd 9 waiting for Wendy
3) Charlotte - rec'd ALL
4) Wendy - rec'd ALL!
5) Carol - rec'd ALL!
6) Marta - rec'd 9 waiting for Wendy
7) Ula - rec'd ALL!
8) Essi - rec'd ALL!
9) Katy - rec'd ALL!

10) Ana - rec'd ALL!
11) Sally - rec'd 9 waiting for Ula